Felted Soap on rope/ornaments

Felted Soap on rope/ornaments

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These felted soaps were made to hang on your tree or used to add a bit of holiday flare to your bathroom. 

The balls are about 2" with the Christmas tree being a slightly larger.

The tree contains soap by Blazing Bombs and the balls have soap made by another local, Lather and Lave.

What is felted soap you ask?

Felted soap is a bar of soap covered in sheep fleece and pretty coloured wool roving. It is then “felted” to make the wool adhere to itself and the soap.

Why would I want to use it? 

Because it is pretty and practical! Felted soap has been around for decades. Before there were loofas and washcloths people sewed soap into wool to create more lather and not waste suds. 


The wool also acts as an exfoliant as you wash. The soap tends to last longer and is easier to grip, especially for little hands!


Once the soap is all used up, you can use the wool as a pot scrubber to a chemical free way to clean you glass shower! You can also toss it in the compost as it is made of a n natural fibre.