Shipping Rates

We currently ship within Canada only.

Shipping for 1 to 3 DIY soap felting kits is $3 each and they will be sent separately. It will not be packaged in the same manner as if you were to buy it from one of our retail locations (as seen in photo). If the kit were to be shipped in it's "regular" packaging, it has to be sent as a parcel and costs minium $12. If we package it in an envelope it can sent as lettermail and save you shipping costs.

****If you are only buying 1 to 3 DIY soap felting kits..choose $3.00, $6.00 or $9.00 shipping manually from the DELIVERY drop down menu at checkout, depending on how many kits you are buying.


Shipping is $12 regular flat rate within Canada. Any combination of dryer balls, weavings, Learn to Weave Bundle or 4 or more DIY soap felting kits are shipped as parcel.


FREE SHIPPING on orders over $120 CAD